Believe it or not, we can all avoid at least some of the stress in our lives. Plan ahead, rearrange your surroundings and reap the benefits of a lighter load.

Take control of your surroundings. Is the traffic insane? Leave early for work or take the longer, less-traveled route. Hate waiting in line at the company cafeteria? Pack your lunch and eat at your desk. Better yet, eat outside with a friend for a relaxing change of scenery.

Avoid people who bother you. If you have a co-worker who causes your jaw to tense, put physical distance between the two of you. Sit far away at meetings or walk around his or her cubicle, even if it requires some extra steps.

Learn to say no. You have a lot of responsibilities and demands on your time. At a certain point, you cross the line between being charitable and being foolish. Turn down the neighborhood sports league. Pass on coaching T-ball. Those around you will appreciate more time with a relaxed you. And you’ll have time to enjoy them, too.

Ditch part of your list. Label your to-do list with A, B and C items, according to importance. On hectic days, scratch the C items from your list.


— Source: The Mayo Clinic


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