Safer & More Convenient

Good Value Pharmacy has developed a clinical program managed by our pharmacists to reduce trips to the pharmacy and help simplify your medication regimen.

  • We work with your doctors and insurance provider to fill your prescriptions at the same time each month (or every 3 months).

  • We review your profile and request refills from your doctors ahead of your fill date.

  • We will call or text you when your medications are ready for pick-up. We can also deliver them to your home if you prefer.

  • If you have a new medication or dose prescribed more than a week away from your fill date, we only fill enough to last until the rest of your medications can be filled. This way, your prescription insurance allows us to keep all of your medications on the same schedule.

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We are running this free service at all 4 of our retail locations. Please call us for more info or to get signed up!

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