Managed Prescription Care

At Good Value Pharmacy we want to make it easy and pain-free for you to obtain and take your medications properly. We know your time is valuable and that convenience is an important factor in what pharmacy you go to. That’s why we have developed the PACT program which eliminates much of the time and effort required to use medications properly.

The PACT Program

  • All of your daily medications are packaged together once a month in a roll of perforated plastic baggies.

  • Each baggie has a date and time on it, and the medications that you take at that particular date and time are in that baggie.

  • Your name and the medication names, strengths and pill descriptions are also printed on the baggie.

  • We communicate with your doctors to ensure the accuracy of your medication regimen.

  • We coordinate changes such as medications being stopped or dosages being adjusted.

  • We can deliver the package to your home in Racine, Kenosha or Walworth county or you can pick up at one of our four locations in Kenosha and Racine.

  • We make sure you always have refills so you never run out of the medications you need.

  • When you call our pharmacy press “5” to be transferred to a familiar pharmacy team member who can assist you.


A safer, easier way to take your daily medicines.

Contact Us

Reach out to us by phone, email, or by visiting one of our four convenient locations. When you contact Good Value Pharmacy, you will always speak with a qualified employee who will be able to serve you directly.