Convenient Packaging Solutions for Enhanced Medication Management

We understand the importance of providing diverse packaging options to meet the unique needs of our customers. That’s why we offer a variety of packaging solutions, including Strip Packaging (Pacmed), Medicine-on-Time, and unit-dose blister/bingo cards. These packaging options are designed to enhance medication management and simplify the administration process, ensuring convenience and accuracy.

Strip Packaging, also known as Pacmed, provides individually labeled strips with medication doses organized by date and time. This packaging system allows patients to easily track their medication regimen and ensures they take the right medication at the right time. Medicine-on-Time is another packaging option that involves organizing medications into individual blister packs, with each pack labeled with the date and time of administration. This packaging solution is particularly beneficial for patients who take multiple medications and need a clear visual reminder of their dosage schedule. Additionally, our unit-dose blister/bingo cards offer individual medication doses in easy-to-use blister cards, simplifying medication administration and promoting adherence.

By offering these packaging options, we strive to optimize medication management and improve patient outcomes. Each packaging choice caters to different medication regimens and individual preferences, ensuring that patients receive their medications in a format that suits their needs. Our goal is to provide packaging solutions that enhance convenience, safety, and medication adherence, ultimately improving the overall quality of care for our valued customers.

Packaging Options

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A safer, easier way to take your daily medicines.


Color-coded packages based on what time of day they should be taken.

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