If you are planning to travel to visit far-flung family this holiday season, you may be planning to stay in a hotel, rather than sleep on that lumpy sofa bed at Aunt Gloria’s house one more time. But how do you help yourself have a good night’s sleep away from home?

A sleeper-friendly hotel should have blackout shades installed and should provide bedside white-noise machines upon request. These
machines electronically drown out any stray background noise. If you don’t find one in your room, ask for one. (If there isn’t one
available, check out the free smartphone apps that offer white-noise options.) You can also request a room away from elevators to reduce sleep disturbances.

If you experience neck and back pain when traveling, ask what types of pillows the hotel provides to ensure that you can avoid extra stress in those areas. It’s best to know in advance if the pillow option you need isn’t available, because it may be best to bring your own. Don’t be afraid to call the hotel, before you leave home, to ask.

— Source: National Sleep Foundation

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