Many people make a New Year’s resolution to quit smoking. Like most resolutions, this one is easier said than done. Smokers often say, “Don’t tell me why to quit, tell me how.” There is no one right way to quit smoking, but there are some requirements for quitting with success. These four factors are key:

■ Making the decision to quit

■ Picking a “Quit Day” and making a plan, usually with the help of a health care professional

■ Dealing with withdrawal symptoms

■ Keeping your commitment to quit

The decision to quit smoking is one that only you can make. Others may want you to quit, but the real commitment must come from you. Think about why you want to quit:

■ Are you worried that you could get a smoking-related disease?

■ Do you really believe that the benefits of quitting outweigh the benefits of continuing to smoke?

■ Do you know someone who has had health problems because of their smoking?

■ Do you want to quit for a loved one?

■ Are you ready to make a serious plan to quit?

If you are thinking about quitting, talking with your doctor or pharmacist, setting a date and then deciding on a plan will help move you to the next step.

— Source: American Cancer Society

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