2018 Apr 26

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wraps

2023-12-12T09:55:33-06:00April 26, 2018|Diabetes, Nutrition|

Who doesn’t love healthy, low-calorie lettuce wraps? Crunchy vegetables, buttery lettuce and small portions of meats with various dipping sauces combine for delicious meals that are eaten with your hands. The secret to a good wrap is bold spicing, along with a mixture of textures and crunch in the fillings. Almost any lettuce will work as long as the leaves [...]

2016 Dec 29

Healthy Recipe: Mexican Tomato Soup

2023-12-12T09:55:48-06:00December 29, 2016|Diabetes, Heart Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition|

It’s the holiday season, and heavy meals with rich desserts seem to be everywhere. So lighten up for a weeknight meal this month with our Mexican Tomato Soup. It’s great with a salad on the side. To make it more substantial, you can easily add one chopped corn tortilla to the pot while simmering for that corn-masa flavor. Then add [...]

2016 Nov 29

Healthy Recipe: Turkey Meatballs

2023-12-12T09:55:50-06:00November 29, 2016|Diabetes, Heart Health|

Almost everyone loves meatballs in tomato sauce, from those meat-and-potatoes-only guys to picky children. This recipe is so easy, fast and delicious that it will become your go-to recipe when you are at a loss as to what to fix. Turkey Meatballs Serves 4 1 1/4 pounds ground turkey (93% lean) 1/4 cup unseasoned Panko breadcrumbs* 1/4 cup grated Parmesan [...]

2016 Oct 27

News About the Flu Vaccine

2023-12-12T09:55:52-06:00October 27, 2016|Diabetes, Heart Health, Infectious Disease, Vaccination|

It’s really tough to stay on top of all the health news these days. We’re here to help. Since the flu season is right around the corner, here’s a snapshot of recent news stories about the flu vaccine. Flu shot helps people with diabetes. The seasonal flu vaccine is now recommended for everyone 6 months and older.1 But for some [...]

2016 Jun 23

Healthy Recipe: Black Bean & Corn Salad

2023-12-12T09:55:55-06:00June 23, 2016|Diabetes, Heart Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition|

Junes' warmer weather means cookouts with family and friends. To complement those delicious entrees on the grill, bring something healthy that will not spoil in the heat and that everyone can enjoy. Our Black Bean and Corn Salad is gluten free and diabetic friendly, low calorie, and packed with fiber and vegetable protein. It’s great as a side dish and [...]

2016 Feb 8

Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes: What’s the Difference?

2023-12-12T09:56:04-06:00February 8, 2016|Diabetes|

There are two main forms of diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes This form of diabetes develops when the cells in the pancreas that produce insulin, known as beta cells, are destroyed. The destruction of the beta cells limits the making and release of insulin, a hormone that helps lower blood sugar. This disease can occur at any age, but the peak [...]

2015 Nov 18

Managing Diabetes Medications

2023-12-12T09:56:07-06:00November 18, 2015|Diabetes|

It’s not the kind of club you really want to belong to. Today, nearly half of all American adults have type 2 diabetes or are at risk of getting it.1 If you count yourself among them, you know that managing your diabetes medications is something you can’t afford to ignore. If not well managed, diabetes can lead to serious complications. They include [...]

2015 Aug 19

More Options for Cholesterol Control

2023-12-12T09:56:27-06:00August 19, 2015|Diabetes, Exercise, Heart Health, Lifestyle, Nutrition|

There’s more than one way to tackle the risk of high cholesterol. That’s a type of fat that can clog up your arteries and block blood flow.1 Check it out. Without being tested, though, you can’t be certain about your risk. Yes, you might be in good company being in the dark: For example, nearly half of Hispanics in the U.S. [...]

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