Visiting family for the holidays? Remember, when people have been apart from one another, it can take time to find a common wavelength. Sometimes basic shared activities — playing a board game, preparing a
meal together, walking the dog, looking at old photo albums, cleaning or decorating the house, or driving in the car together to run errands can offer ways to re-connect.

During the holiday season, when stress can run high, try to spend more time with people who understand you and appreciate you for who you are. Try to limit your time with people who leave you feeling judged. If you can’t avoid time with people or situations that are difficult for you, practice mindfulness — simply observing and describing in your own mind, without evaluation or judgment, what you notice and experience.

Shop early, if you can, to help avoid the crowds and stress of last-minute shopping. Keep in mind that more gifts or more-expensive presents don’t make it a better holiday. Try to ground yourself in simple pleasures and in the things that matter most to you.

— Source: Center for Academic and Personal Development, Harvard University

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