Flossing is an essential part of the tooth-cleaning process because it removes plaque from between teeth and at the gumline, where periodontal disease often begins. To floss properly, follow these simple steps:

■ Wind 18” of floss around the middle fingers of each hand. Pinch floss between thumbs and index fingers, leaving a 1”-to-2” length in between. Use thumbs to direct the floss between the upper teeth. taut

■ Keep a 1”-to-2” length of floss taut between fingers. Use index fingers to guide floss between contacts of the lower teeth.

■ Gently guide the floss between the teeth by using a zig-zag motion. Gently wrap floss around the side of the tooth.

■ Slide floss up and down against the tooth surface and under the gum line. Floss each tooth thoroughly with a clean section of floss.

— Source: American Dental Hygienists Association


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