label All non-prescription, over-the-counter (OTC) medicine labels have usage and warning information so consumers can properly choose and use the products. The label contains the following information:
■ Active ingredients: The therapeutic substance and the amount of active ingredient per unit
■ Uses: Symptoms or diseases the product will treat or prevent
■ Warnings: When not to use the product, conditions that may require advice from a doctor before taking the product, possible interactions or side effects, when to stop taking the product and contact a doctor, etc.
■ Inactive ingredients: Substances such as colors, fillers or flavors
■ Purpose: Product action or category (such as antihistamine, antacid or cough suppressant)
■ Directions: Specific age categories, how much to take, how to take, how often and how long to take
■ Other information: How to store the product properly and required information about certain ingredients

Note: Drug Facts labeling requirements do not apply to dietary supplements, which are regulated as food products and are labeled with a Supplement Facts panel.

— Source: U.S. Food and Drug Administration

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